What Does Toilet Bubbling Mean?

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Hearing your toilet bubbling can be a disheartening experience. What does it mean? Why is your toilet bubbling? There are several different problems that can lead to a toilet bubbling, but none of them are good, so never ignore this problem. The longer you wait to deal with the cause of your toilet bubbling, the more likely you are to experience major problems like overflows and backups, which can cause major (and disgusting) damage inside your home or business.

What Does Toilet Bubbling Mean?

One of the most common reasons for toilet bubbling is a clog or blockage. This clog can be in the toilet itself (this is usually pretty obvious), but it can also be in the toilet drain if items that shouldn’t be flushed have gone down the toilet. Clogs and blockages can also form in the sewer drain line or even the main sewer drain line. These clogs can be caused by disruptions to the pipe, like the roots of trees and shrubs, separating segments of pipe or shifting or settling of the ground around your drain lines.

Toilet bubbling can also be caused when your septic tank is full or if it isn’t draining properly. A blocked vent stack can also lead to problems like toilet bubbling. This usually occurs when leaves or even a dead animal blocks the vent, keeping it from doing its job of equalizing the pressure in your septic drain lines.

If your toilet is bubbling, it is time to call a professional who can figure out the problem and how it can best be repaired, before it’s too late.