Toilet Bubbling: What Does it Mean?

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Whenever your toilet starts bubbling, it can be a jarring experience, but it does mean your toilet is trying to tell you something. It can be confusing when the toilet starts making weird noises, but try not to ignore it. Toilet bubbling can be a serious problem, so make sure to never ignore the issue and call a professional right away.

Toilet Bubbling: What Does it Mean?

Toilet bubbling is usually caused by a clog or backup. This could be deep within your pipes or a bigger clog within your septic tank. When your septic tank gets too full, it can lead to sewage backup in your home. Make sure to listen when your toilet is bubbling or gurgling because it is trying to warn you.

Sometimes clogs in your septic tank inlet or outlet lines can be caused by the roots of trees or other large plants that are too close your tank. The roots could be causing pipes to shift, clogs, and other kinds of damage to your septic tank that shouldn’t be ignored. Calling a professional technician to inspect your tank and investigate the issue is the best way to determine what the problem is.

Don’t ignore toilet bubbling— make sure to call us so we can figure out the problem before it is too late.