Toilet Bubbling? Unfortunately, It Means More Than a Friendly Hello

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Toilet BubblingAs you were singing during your morning shower, your ears were accosted by a most unusual sound . . . the toilet was bubbling, making its own singing noises at you.  Whether you decided to postpone your shower so you could check things out immediately or to worry about it later, the fact remains that your toilet is probably in need of some service—and the sooner the better, so you won’t have to worry about problems that come because of a malfunctioning or non-functioning toilet.

A bubbling toilet can be a sign that your plumbing system needs some serious work.  On the other hand, it could simply signal that a young child has flushed something that should never have seen the inside of a toilet bowl, such as a hairbrush, a toy, or a massive amount of toilet paper. A bubbling toilet can also indicate that your vent pipe is blocked or that there are issues in the pipes between the tub and toilet.  Regardless of why you have a bubbling toilet, the first thing to do when you notice it is to call on us to come and remedy the situation ASAP.

At Marion Pumper, we have the knowledge, experience and expertise necessary to correctly assess and fix a bubbling toilet.  You’ll love being able to once again sing a solo in the shower, as you gratefully realize that your toilet will function properly for a long time to come.