Septic Tank Repair, Ocala, FL

We offer a variety of septic tank repair services in Ocala, FL, from clogged tanks to broken pipes.

Septic Tank RepairIt’s pretty obvious if you have a septic tank problem. Maybe sewage is backing up into the bathtub or sink, or you notice a foul odor. Your water might also drain very slowly. Whatever the case may be, our septic tank repair service can help. We diagnose and fix a variety of septic tank problems, so you can rest easy when you use our service.

  • Clogged Tanks- Sometimes, the problem is as simple as a clogged tank. When that is the case, we can pump out the clog and get your tank up and running again quickly. We will also go over the cause of the clog with you so you can avoid it in the future.
  • Broken Pipes- Broken pipes are another common problem we see when called out for septic tank repair. Once we find the broken pipes, we can quickly replace them, so your tank will start working properly again.
  • Cracked Tank- A cracked tank is another common problem. This typically occurs when tree roots push up against the tank. The pressure of the roots causes it to crack. While many people think they have to replace cracked tanks, that isn’t always the case. Our septic tank repair services can often fix the crack, as long as it is not too severe. Let us take a look and determine whether you need a repair or a replacement.

These are just a few of the problems our septic tank repair company solves in Ocala, FL. Contact us today at Marion Pumper so we can get your system back in working order.


At Marion Pumper, we offer septic tank repair to our customers in Ocala, Summerfield, Belleview, and other nearby surrounding areas of Florida