Why We Need Grease Traps and How to Maintain Them

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If you run a Food Service Establishment (FSE), then you most likely need a grease trap. Along with restaurants, this also includes cafeterias and other commercial kitchens. Grease can enter your wastewater from your sink or dishwasher and will then continue through your sewer system. Grease is a problem because as it cools and solidifies, it can cause blockages, ultimately resulting in damage to your septic system.

Why We Need Grease Traps and How to Maintain Them

In order to avoid extensive or costly repairs and to make sure your FSE is compliant with local regulations, you need to make sure you have a grease trap that is adequate for the amount of grease you will be processing. Our technicians here at Marion Pumper can help you locate your grease trap to make sure it is sufficient, or we can install a new grease trap for you.

So, once you have a grease trap, can you let it do its job and forget it’s there? Simply put, no. Grease traps require regular maintenance to run effectively.

  • Hire a professional team – You want to make sure you have a team of professionals that can make sure your grease trap is installed properly, provide maintenance, and make sure everything is compliant with existing laws and regulations.
  • Get your grease trap cleaned regularly Grease traps should be cleaned regularly by professionals. The frequency of cleaning depends on the volume of grease you’re processing as well as local requirements. Our team can help you determine a proper schedule for regular cleaning.
  • Avoid using enzymes or solvents to clean your grease trap – These products can cause the grease to separate from the water and cause blockages in other places.

To learn more about how we can help with your grease trap, give us a call today.