Service Your Grease Traps Regularly to Keep Your Business Flowing Smoothly

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Grease TrapsAre you lucky enough to be living your dream of owning your own restaurant or other food service business?  If so, you are probably well-aware of the need to comply with all regulations to keep your business healthy and prolong the life of your equipment. One of the most common regulations for any restaurant is having grease traps that function properly. This is important because grease traps keep the fats, oils, and grease out of the sewer or septic system, so it will continue to operate unhindered for a longer time period.  It also preserves the life of your equipment, which means you will have fewer days of lost profits due to broken machinery.

If you want to keep your restaurant running smoothly while maintaining your compliance with all rules and regulations, you need to know the warning signs of grease traps that need service.  The most common sign that your grease traps are failing is a foul odor.  This is usually brought on by grease traps that haven’t been serviced or cleaned out regularly, which allows the grease to accumulate and then pass through into the sewer.  Grease traps can really prolong the life of your system, since some are able to stop up to 90% of grease entering the sewage system.

When it is time to clean your grease traps, or if you simply suspect that the time is here, call on us at Marion Pumper to get the job done correctly the first time.  Let us help keep your business running smoothly, free from clogs.