Protecting Your Grease Traps Protects Your Entire Septic System

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Grease Traps in Summerfield, FloridaWhile there are some traps that you want to be sure you avoid, such as those laid by scammers, there are some traps that you definitely want to take advantage of.  For example, if you want a septic system that can effectively handle your waste disposal needs, without fear of clogs or backflow, you want to make sure that your grease traps are functioning effectively.

The purpose of grease traps is to keep the amount of grease, oils or other solids that make their way into your septic tank to a minimum.  The reason this is so important is because when too much grease or other solid waste makes its way into your system, you are left with clogs and extra scum on the top of the water.  This scum takes longer to break down and can lead to the early deterioration of your septic system, as well as clogs and unpleasant sewage backups into your home.  If you want to avoid such unpleasant and costly experiences, you need to take steps that will allow you to protect your grease traps.

One way to take care of your grease traps involves the way you choose to dispose of household waste on a daily basis.  For example, if you insist on pouring boiling water down your drains, your grease traps will fail to catch the grease, and you will find that you need service for them more frequently.  Other things that you can do to protect the function of your grease traps include removing as much waste as possible from dishes before washing them and avoiding the use of harsh chemicals in your cleaning.

The second part of keeping grease traps functioning properly involves routine maintenance.  The proper maintenance of grease traps includes such things as:

  • Checking the lids for cracks and making sure that they close properly
  • Looking for signs of pests
  • Keeping an eye on the internal walls
  • Making sure that the baffles are functioning properly

If you notice problems with any of these components, then it may be time for a professional inspection.

If you want peace of mind regarding your grease traps and septic system, contact us at Marion Pumper.  We have the knowledge and experience that allow us to take care of all of your septic system needs.  Let us build your confidence in the ability of your septic system to function properly today.