Where is the Best Place for Septic Tank Excess to Go? Cesspools Catch the Flow!

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Cesspools in Summerfield, FloridaSeptic systems are ideal for getting rid of waste when you live an area that is rural or otherwise unable to be serviced by a city sewage treatment plant.  While you have been precise in your selection of the perfect septic system for your needs, chances are that at some point in time, the unexpected is going to happen.  When your septic tank becomes overfilled due to an unexpected event or a blockage, such as a toddler flushing a hairbrush, it will most likely try to overflow . . .  and the fact is that the excess has to go somewhere.

While it’s true that your yard is the most convenient place for sewage overflow to gravitate to, it is also true that this option is not the best one available.  After all, allowing it to overflow here will simply cause more contamination problems.  Raw sewage sitting out in an open area has a tendency to feed bacteria, which can cause illness for those who come in contact with it.  It also has the undesirable effect of producing a horrible smell.  If you want an added level of security when dealing with the possibility of sewage overflow, you need to consider adding a third component to your septic system.  Instead of having a septic system that is comprised of a septic tank and drain field, add in cesspools that will provide a place for any overflow to go.  Cesspools are typically small pits that overflow from your septic tank can drain into.

If you want cesspools to continue to function effectively, the most important thing you can do is to have them cleaned and maintained regularly, in order to ensure that they are not crumbling or failing.  Since most cesspools are made out of cement, concrete or brick, they can easily fail if not properly maintained.  If your cesspools have been around for a large number of years, it may be time to consider having them replaced entirely.  Regardless of your septic needs, our team at Marion Pumper has the experience needed to help you have peace of mind through a septic system that is designed to succeed.