Well-Maintained Cesspools Offer an Added Layer of Efficiency to Your Septic System

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CesspoolsAny good septic system comes equipped with two main components: the septic tank and the drain field.  If you’re missing one of these essential components, you may have big problems ahead.  If you have both components, you may be uncertain as to whether these can handle all your waste needs.  In that case, you may have chosen to install a cesspool to help with the volume of waste that is produced.


Cesspools are specifically designed to handle excess liquid waste from the septic tank.  They serve as a backup for when your septic system has more waste than it can reasonably handle.  In general, when your septic tank becomes overly full, some of the waste may escape into the groundwater, which would lead to illness. When you choose to have cesspools as an added layer of protection, you can rest easy, knowing that your groundwater will remain pure thanks to your cesspool.  Of course, since cesspools don’t handle solid waste, it is still a good idea to get your cesspools checked on a routine basis.

While getting on a routine schedule for maintaining your cesspools is an excellent idea, there are also some key signs to watch for that indicate your cesspools may need service.  Some of these include stinky odors, overflowing toilets, slow drainage, gurgling pipes, or a wet lawn.  Of course, these are the same signs that indicate your septic system needs to be serviced.  One way or another, if you notice these signs, it’s time for call on us.

If you are ready to check on the status of your cesspools, contact us at Marion Pumper.  We can easily handle the needs of your cesspools, along with any of your other septic system needs.  Call on us today.