The Importance of Scheduling a Grease Trap Cleaning

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The Importance of Scheduling a Grease Trap CleaningGrease traps see a lot of use and are an important part of a business running smoothly. However, if they are not kept clean, costly maintenance issues will begin to pop up. On top of that, many state and local regulations need to be followed. Thankfully, your business can schedule a grease trap cleaning with us at Marion Pumper. Our technicians know all the rules and regulations. Plus, they have years of on-the-job experience. Besides preventing costly maintenance down the road, here are a few other reasons to clean out your grease traps.

Business owners should schedule a grease trap cleaning to create a comfortable environment for their customers and staff. When grease begins to build in the trap, it rots and turns rancid. Once that happens, the trap will emit strong odors, creating an unhealthy environment for your guests. Delayed grease trap cleaning can also cause water to back up. If the trap is full, water cannot easily pass through. Eventually, it will overflow.

Grease can also slip past the trap and into your pipes, causing a backup. Scheduling a regular grease trap cleaning can help you avoid water cleanup, pipe replacements, and inspector fines. Putting your grease trap on a regular cleaning schedule can help you avoid these problems, saving your sanity and pocketbook. Once your grease trap hits 25%, which is generally every three months or so, schedule your cleaning. Our technicians are happy to come out and check your grease trap for you and recommend a proper cleaning schedule for your business.