Why You Need Regular Grease Trap Cleaning

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Why You Need Regular Grease Trap CleaningHere at Marion Pumper, we specialize in providing a wide array of septic services. Our team can help you with any problem that any part of your septic system may be having, including issues with not only the tank itself, but also components like the drain field, lift station, or grease trap. In this article, we’ll focus on this last part, and go over a few of the reasons why we recommend that all of our clients get regular grease trap cleaning.

  • It Prevents Damage. One key reason to enlist grease trap cleaning services on a regular basis is that doing so helps prevent damage to your tank. When food waste is left in the grease trap for too long, it starts to produce sulfuric acid, which will gradually eat away at the walls and can cause serious damage if left unchecked. Our team will thoroughly remove the grease and waste so that you do not have to worry about this outcome.
  • It Reduces Odors. Another thing that happens if you leave grease in your trap for too long is that the fats and other food waste starts to break down and produce a disgusting odor of rot. If you want to keep your kitchen and restaurant smelling fresh, we encourage you to arrange for frequent grease trap cleaning.
  • It Keeps Cleaning Easy. Our third reason for recommending regular grease trap cleaning is that the longer you wait before cleaning the trap, the harder the task becomes. Food waste can harden and adhere to the sides of the tank over time, so it’s best to act early to prevent this from happening, as it makes the job a lot easier.