Needing Frequent Septic Tank Pumping? Here’s Why!

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take care of septic tank pumping every 3 to 5 years

It isn’t a huge financial drain to take care of septic tank pumping every 3 to 5 years as is typically the case. However, if you are finding it necessary to have it done every few months, there is something unusual going on and it is important to get to the cause before you face not only frequent pumping invoices, but also premature failure of the septic tank or drain field. Of course, some situations do not have an easy remedy, but it is best to know what is going on in case there are steps you could be taking to resolve the problem.

One of the causes that you can’t easily resolve is if the tank is too small for the household. When septic systems are designed for a home, it is based on certain assumptions, such as there won’t be more than two people per bedroom. If you have a large family or frequent long-term guests, you’ll have to decide between replacing the tank with a larger one or continuing to pay for frequent septic tank pumping.

The septic tank could be the right size for your household size but still get overwhelmed due to water usage habits. If you use a lot of water for extra long showers or baths, doing laundry a lot, such as for allowing extending family to use your laundry room, or other unusual water usage activities, you could overwhelm the tank.

Another usage issue that affects septic tank health is introducing harsh chemicals to the system. If you put solvents, paint, fuels, motor oil, paint thinners, and other chemicals that destroy the bacteria in the system that’s needed to process solid waste, the waste can add up far more quickly, resulting in more frequent septic tank pumping.

Other issues that can cause a problem include a clogged drain field, leaks in the system, and a heavy rainy season. If you would like your septic system checked to see if it needs repair or you would like to learn more about why septic tank pumping could be needed more in your situation, give us a call at Marion Pumper. We offer a variety of septic services and will be happy to assist with figuring out what is causing a problem.