When Septic Tank Pumping Isn’t Recommended

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Septic Tank PumpingThe general rule of thumb is to have your septic tank pumped every 3 to 5 years. However, there are a few instances in which septic tank pumping should be avoided.

  • After Flooding– Florida can have some intense weather, and this weather sometimes leads to flooding due to rising water. Even if septic tank pumping is needed at this time, floodwaters in the area of the septic tank can cause problems. This is due to the fiberglass or plastic construction of the tank. If there is water in the area, the tank could float out of the ground, which can damage the septic piping and cause expensive repairs. It is best to wait until the floodwaters have receded before pumping.
  • Old or Fragile Septic Tanks- If a septic tank is old or fragile, it should never be pumped without a proper inspection first. Pumping a septic tank that can’t handle it can result in the tank collapsing not long after the pumping is finished. This can result in a very messy issue. A proper inspection will reveal whether to pump or just replace a fragile system.
  • Sludge Levels Are Low- If the sludge level is extremely low and the scum layer is thin, septic tank pumping only should be done when the tank needs to be repaired. It is possible for a professional to estimate the thickness of the sludge layer and the scum layer. This measurement will be used to determine if pumping is a good idea.