Do You Need a Drain Field Repair? Signs to Watch Out For

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Drain field RepairWhen it comes to maintaining our septic systems, many of us are great at the little things. We are careful which cleaners we choose because bleach is a known septic system no-no. We make sure to use our garbage disposal infrequently and also limit the items that are allowed to be flushed down the toilets. We even schedule regular appointments to pump our systems, so they don’t overflow or cause backflow. Something we often forget about, however, is the drain field.

Your drain field is the last line of defense between your septic wastewater and the groundwater. This means that if you are in need of drain field repair, you’re not only risking a messy cleanup, but you’re also risking contaminated groundwater and fines as well. Drain field repairs can be pricey, but necessary in order to continue using your septic system without additional fines for water contamination.

Some signs your drain field is need of repairs include wet or flooded areas above your drain field, slow drains, and foul odors in the air or coming from your drains. A drain field can be clogged and cause wastewater or even sewage to enter the groundwater or reverse its direction and head back into your home.

If you are in need of a drain field repair, don’t wait! The health of your family is quite literally at risk. Give us a call at Marion Pumper, and let us get started on your drain field repair today.