Drain Field Repair, Ocala, FL

Our drain field repair services are the affordable and efficient option for home and business owners in Ocala, FL.

drain field repairIf your septic system stops running smoothly, you are in for a real mess. Fortunately, our team at Marion Pumper is available for all of your drain field repair needs. First, you need to determine whether your drain field is failing. Then contact us for a quick estimate and repair.

Signs that Your Drain Field Needs Repair

Septic systems are complex, so it can be difficult to tell which part of the system isn’t working. Fortunately, drain fields have some common signs when they fail. You might hear the drains gurgling, or notice that water is coming back up through the drains. You also might notice wet spots in your yard, or it might have a foul odor. These are all signs of drain field problems.

What Causes Drain Fields to Fail?

There are lots of different reasons that drain fields fail, and our Ocala, FL drain field repair services address them all. Often, drain fields fail because they simply have too much water sitting on them. When water is constantly on the drain lines, bacteria forms along the trench walls. Water cannot penetrate the mat of bacteria, so the drain field stops working.

Improper installation is another reason that drain fields fail. While we ensure that all of our installations are top-notch, some companies are not as careful. They might fail to keep tree roots out or make other mistakes that cause the system to fail.

If you want your drain field repair done correctly the first time, contact us at Marion Pumper today. Our drain field specialists will get to the site in no time and start the repair process, so you can fix the problem before you need an entirely new drain field.


At Marion Pumper, we offer drain field repair to our customers in Ocala, Summerfield, Belleview, and other nearby surrounding areas of Florida