What to Do When You Need Drain Field Repair

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A septic system is made of several different components, each dependent on the proper functioning of the others. The drain field is your septic system’s last sign of defense in protecting your groundwater from contamination. When a problem with your drain field goes unattended, you risk expensive repairs, as well as possible fines.

When you need drain field repair

A few signs that you need drain field repair include:

  • Foul sewage-like smell near the drain field
  • Grass that is unusually bright or growing faster than other areas
  • Swampy or flooded spots of land above the drain field
  • Slow draining in multiple toilets and/or sinks
  • Gurgling sounds coming from your toilets or sinks

If you think that your septic system is in need of drain field repair, take action and do not wait. Start by calling us at Marion Pumper. We will come to you quickly to fully inspect your system and determine where the problem is, make efficient and effective repairs, and then give you the information you need to prevent the need for drain field repair in the future.

Here at Marion Pumper, we have been providing the best in septic system services for over ten years. We are dedicated to helping our customers maintain a healthy septic system and to helping them find affordable solutions for all of their septic problems. Our technicians are all properly trained and have the experience you rely on to keep your system running as it should. We are also fully licensed and insured. When you need drain field repair, don’t hesitate to call us at Marion Pumper.