you might end up with some septic odors in your yard

Septic ownership is actually quite efficient in most cases. Many septic owners are surprised to learn that septic systems, when well-cared for and maintained, are actually better at filtering out wastewater than their sewer system equals! However, when you have a septic system that isn’t well-cared for or has need of repairs, you might end up with some septic odors in your yard. At Marion Pumper, we are very familiar with septic odors and their causes and would like to explain a few of the most common causes of septic odors.

  1. Septic Tank is Full- When your septic tank isn’t emptied on a regular basis, it can become too full and force odors and waste materials into places it shouldn’t, such as the drains and plumbing leading into your home or the drain field. This problem often occurs for new septic owners who haven’t gotten a handle on the capacity of their septic tank and how it relates to their water and wastewater usage just yet.
  2. Heavy Rains- Heavy rains and minor flooding aren’t usually problems for your lawn, but for your septic system, excessive water can lead to septic odors in your yard. A yard that cannot handle all the rain water won’t be able to handle wastewater coming out of the drain field either, which can leave septic odors.
  3. Too Much Water Usage- Septic system usage requires little time for wastes to separate. If you overwhelm the system by, say, doing 7 loads of laundry in a row, then you’ll force more water in than your tank can handle.

No matter the reasons, if you have septic odors, call Marion Pumper today to get these issues resolved quickly!