Septic Odors: What Causes Them and What to Do About Them

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If you own a home with a septic tank, chances are you’ve encountered septic odors at one point or another. While these odors indicate maintenance needed on the tank, they also can be prevented with a few simple steps. Here are a few common places odors can become problematic:

septic odors are affecting your garden

  • Strong Sewage Smell in the Home– Can’t quite put your finger on where the smell is originating? If you are hearing a gurgling sound coming from your pipes, your septic tank may be full and need to be drained immediately to prevent harmful gases from entering and lingering in the home.
  • Garden of Odors– Your garden is one of your most prized possessions…until it starts smelling like sewage. If septic odors are affecting your garden, it may be a sign that the plumbing vent pipe needs to be extended. You may also benefit from using a carbon filter to decrease the odor and save your precious peppers.
  • Manhole Odors– If you smell weak sewage smells around the location of your septic tank, don’t be alarmed as this is normal. However, if the smell becomes overpowering, call us to inspect the manhole covering. If this covering is loose or not sealed properly, the odors can escape and become dangerous.
  • Mounds Should Not Be Wet- If your nose leads you to odors near the drains or mounds of the tank, visually inspect the ground surrounding. If there are any wet soil areas, drainage is reaching the surface and could be a sign of a broken or faulty pipe. Call our professional team immediately to help fix the problem.

Sewage smells are not something to joke about. At Marion Pumper our primary goal is making sure that your septic system and all of its components work like they should at all times. Whether you are concerned about septic odors, in need of maintenance or another septic service, rest easy knowing our team will provide the friendliest service around. Call us today for all your septic system needs!