What’s That Smell? How to Get Rid of Septic Odors.

Nothing can ruin a nice, relaxing bath like a foul smell coming from your septic system. These septic odors can be found both inside and outside of the home, but they can be overpowering in both areas. Septic odors can indicate an issue with your septic system, so don’t ignore them.

If you’re tired of the septic odors in and around your home, there are a few things you can do to address the possible issues. For example, it’s possible that the manhole cover outside may not be securely attached anymore and you need to adjust or recover the manhole. Manhole covers come in different materials that each require different forms of maintenance or methods of keeping them secure over the manhole, so make sure to take a look at what kind of manhole cover you have when making sure you secure it correctly.

Another common cause of septic odors is a full septic tank. Over time, your septic tank becomes filled with the waste that accumulates as you use your septic system. Proper and professional septic tank cleaning services help clean out your septic tank and pump out this waste, so be sure to hire a septic tank cleaning service every three to five years or so.

Are you tired of septic odors in your home? Reach out to our team here at Marion Pumper to get rid of the foul smells.