Why ATU Maintenance is More Necessary than Traditional Septic System Maintenance ATU stands for Aerobic Treatment Unit. Commonly referred to as aerobic septic systems, this type of system treats waste water by using oxygen to break down the organic matter, providing a more efficient and effective treatment.

ATUs are made up of advanced components that make them more complex than traditional septic systems, and therefore, these systems require specialized ATU maintenance.

  • Aerobic treatment units use a mechanism for aeration and treatment of waste water that accelerates the treatment process. This mechanism uses electricity to operate and thus requires more routine maintenance than a traditional septic system to ensure it keeps running efficiently.
  • Aerobic treatment tends to produce more sludge than anaerobic treatment in traditional septic systems since they are smaller in size. Frequent maintenance in ATUs through pumping is therefore advised and should be done at least once a year to prevent sludge from building up and clogging the system.
  • An aerobic septic system requires constant aeration and organic loading for survival. Therefore, maintaining the blower is a key factor in ATU maintenance, since inconsistent usage can harm the aerobic microbes, causing bad odors to arise.
  • ATUs offer an audio or visual alarm system unlike traditional septic systems, which alerts you of any issues with the septic system. Consequently, in any ATU maintenance, these alarms will need to be checked and reset regularly to ensure they are still functional.

ATU maintenance is part of home maintenance and should therefore not be neglected. At Marion Pumper, we have an exceptional team who will help you keep your aerobic septic system in great condition. Furthermore, in case of any emergency, we are available for emergencies any time day or night, so do not hesitate to contact us today.