ATU Maintenance is Crucial to the Health of Your System

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If you have an ATU septic system, it is crucial to understand the role that ATU maintenance plays in the health of your system. ATU stands for “aerobic treatment unit.” This special type of septic system is often installed because there isn’t enough room on the lot for a traditional septic drain field or if you want to by more environmentally friendly. ATU systems are similar to traditional septic systems because they use the same natural processes to treat wastewater from your home or business, but they are more like municipal wastewater treatment processes because they use oxygen and bacteria to better break down organic material in the wastewater.

ATU Maintenance is Crucial to the Health of Your System

ATU systems are more complex than traditional septic systems, and therefore, ATU maintenance is key to the success of the system. The great news is that your ATU system releases cleaner wastewater, which is great for environmentally sensitive areas or if you have a home or business where the water table is especially high. There are different types of ATU systems, but they need similar ATU maintenance plans. ATU maintenance will include annual (or sometimes even biannual) inspections.

During an ATU maintenance inspection, you can expect the following:

  • Alarms will be checked and reset
  • Filters will be cleaned and replaced as needed
  • Odor will be checked
  • Clarity of your system’s effluent will be checked
  • The system will be pumped and flushed as needed

Generally, you need a special permit to operate an ATU septic system and some areas even require that you maintain an ATU maintenance contract with a licensed company, ensuring that your system is monitored regularly and repaired as needed.