Must-Know Information about Kitchen Grease Trap Cleaning

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Must-Know Information about Kitchen Grease Trap CleaningA grease trap is a vital device that prevents the fats, oils, and grease (FOGs) in wastewater from entering the plumbing or sewer system. A neglected grease trap can lead to significant problems, especially for your business.

Read on to learn a few things about grease trap cleaning.

  • Have a regular cleaning schedule. You can establish a schedule depending on the usage and volume of grease produced in your kitchen. However, grease traps require cleaning every four to six weeks. If the grease is left to accumulate over time, it may build up and overflow into the main waterways, resulting in a damaged grease trap or drainage system.
  • Use a reputable service provider. It is recommended that you have your grease trap cleaning carried out by professionals. A professional company will follow industry cleaning procedures to the letter, preventing contamination in the kitchen. Professional cleaning is also effective in extending the life of your grease trap.
  • Hire a qualified contractor. Regarding grease trap management, partnering with a qualified contractor is essential. They will inform you of the regulations you must follow, notify you of how often you are required to clean your grease trap, and provide you with a detailed report to prove your compliance with regulatory standards.
  • Proper disposal of waste. Disposing of your collected waste from the grease trap according to local environmental regulations is vital. A professional company is responsible for ensuring the waste is disposed of safely and in a manner consistent with environmental standards. Abiding by these standards prevents you from being found in violation and facing fines or penalties.

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