How Frequently Should I Schedule a Septic Tank Cleaning?

Many homeowners wonder, “How often should I schedule a septic tank cleaning?” The answer depends on multiple factors since all households are different. Generally, homeowners should schedule a septic tank cleaning once every 2-5 years. The exact time frame for your septic tank depends on the following:

  • Number of people in your home
  • Amount of solids in wastewater
  • Size of your tank
  • Volume of wastewater produced

These four factors can affect the amount of sludge and scum in your tank. Sludge is made up of solid waste matter and sits at the base of your tank. Scum is the grease floating at the top of the tank, while the effluent layer is the watery mixture in between. When the tank is processing properly, the scum and sludge remain in the tank while the watery mix flows out into the leach field. If the tank is pumped too frequently, it will not have the correct biomat levels to continue anaerobic digestion. If it is not pumped frequently enough, clogs can form.

Pumping should be done when the sludge is one foot thick at the base of the tank, and the scum is six inches at the top. After pumping, your tank will need a couple of weeks to get back to the appropriate bacteria levels. At Marion Pumper, we can check your tank levels and perform the septic tank cleaning, dispose of the sewage in an environmentally friendly way, and keep your tank free from any clogs or failures.