Common Causes of Septic Repairs

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When your home or commercial property isn’t able to access city water, the only possibility left for building on that site is to go with a septic system. While septic systems can be very efficient and surprisingly clean when taken care of, there are some septic repairs that we see time and time again here at Marion Pumper. Some of these septic repairs are ones that you may have to deal with at some point in your septic ownership, so we thought we would go over them with you here.

another septic repair need arise

  • Drain Field Issues- Your drain field is important to your septic system. It is the last filtering station for wastewater before it is reintroduced back into the groundwater. This somewhat delicate series of pipes can be crushed, shifted, clogged, or overwhelmed fairly easily. Avoid planting trees or shrubs anywhere near your drain field, since tree roots are great at growing right through drain field pipes and causing the need for septic repairs.
  • Pumping Emergencies- Even if you have your septic system pumped on a fairly regular basis, there are still times when you might need an emergency septic repair due to an emergency pumping need. An influx of wastewater usage can sometimes cause solids to clog the pipes, which in turn becomes an emergency issue.
  • Old Age- Even though septic tanks can last for decades, the older one is, the higher the chance that you’ll need septic repairs due to the old age of your septic tank!

At Marion Pumper, we have seen all these causes for septic repairs on more than one occasion. We would love to be of service should one of these issues or another septic repair need arise. Please contact us today with questions.