How to Avoid Needing Septic Repair

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Finding out you need septic repair as a backup is occurring is never an enjoyable experience. Between the cleanup and needing to call for help, it can be unpleasant and costly. The good news is that there are things you can do to avoid the most common causes of septic issues.

Septic Repair

  • Watch what you flush! Everything that gets flushed goes to the septic system. Know what things you should avoid introducing into the system that can harm it. Do not flush non-biodegradable items, and realize that even products that state they are flushable (such as feminine hygiene products or “flushable” wet wipes) can overwhelm a septic tank if used excessively.
  • Watch what you put down drains! Your home’s drains also go to the septic system, so the same care must be taken with sinks, tubs, and showers. Keep kitchen wastes to a minimum to preserve the septic system, and never use anti-bacterial products, harsh chemicals or an excessive amount of detergent. These will disturb the ideal bacterial balance that exists in the septic tank and will keep them from breaking down solids. It is better to use liquid detergents because powdered ones contain more phosphates, which encourage algae growth.
  • Conserve water! It may seem like your septic system can handle any amount of plain water as long as you’ve kept all the other bad things out of it, but too much water can also endanger your septic system and lead to septic repair. By raising the water level too quickly, solids get the opportunity to exit the tank and head to the drain field, generally plugging pipes in the process. Keep time between laundry loads, reduce shower times, and avoid running more than one water-based appliance at the same time.

Here at Marion Pumper, we’re here for you should you need septic repair, but we’re also more than happy to provide education so you can avoid it. We also recommend you have us clean out your septic tank regularly to avoid problems. Getting a routine pumpout every 3-5 years is ideal for most households. Call us today for all your septic needs.