4 Common Septic Problems and How to Treat Them

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When it comes to your septic system, how much do you know about it? Whether you have owned properties with septic systems before or are brand new to the ins and out of septic system ownership, there is often a learning curve that comes with every septic system. Here at Marion Pumper, we want to address some of the most common septic problems that we see with our customers and give you some prevention and treatment tips.

Septic Problems

  1. Drainage Problems: Poor drainage can be an early warning sign that something is amiss in your septic system. It could be an issue with how full the septic tank is, whether or not your drain field is able to drain, or a clog somewhere in the line. A septic professional should be called to check your septic tank level.
  2. Septic Odors: If you detect foul odors in your yard or emanating from your drains, you might have a clog or you might be experiencing backflow from an overly full septic tank. Regular septic pumping can help prevent these issues.
  3. Sewage in Yard: While it may seem obvious, sewage in your yard points to an overflowing septic tank. The tank needs to be at the right level for the sludge to drop to the bottom allowing the gray water to be filtered through the drain field. If it is so full that there’s no room for the sludge to go to the bottom, you’ll end up with sewage in your yard.
  4. Flooding: Whether it’s from a broken drain field or an issue with your tank, flooding in your yard around your septic tank is always an issue!

These common septic problems are often easily preventable by regular maintenance to your septic system. Help avoid these problems with professional help from Marion Pumper. If you’ve already encountered these issues, give us a call today and let us help get your septic problems fixed!