Signs that You May Be Having Septic Problems

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Septic ProblemsWhile diagnosing septic problems may sound easy, it actually can be difficult. This is because of the many variables that come into play when trying to diagnose a septic problem. For instance, you may just have a drain field problem and not an actual septic tank issue. Then again, the issue may be with the tank and not the drain field.

Common Septic Problems

Quite a few issues can occur within your septic system. Sludge can build up, the septic filter can clog, or the bacteria level in the tank can be low. Drain field piping can break, or the drain field can become clogged due to tree roots. A professional analysis can determine the exact problem and determine a solution.

Diagnosing Septic Problems

There are a number of indicators that there is a problem. Maybe the toilet is bubbling or drains are running slow. Septic odors may be coming from the vent pipe, the septic tank pump alarm may sound, or you may smell a bad odor over the septic tank cover. The worst and messiest indicator is when sewage actually backs up into toilets or through drains onto the floor. This is an emergency, so it’s important to call us at Marion Pumper for professional help as soon as possible. Raw sewage is very dangerous, so it’s important not to come into contact with it without the proper safety equipment. It is also a reminder as to why regular septic maintenance is needed so that such septic problems can be avoided.