Sewage in Yard? Explore Ways to Get It Out and Keep It Away

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Sewage in Yard in Belleview, FloridaAs you work in your home with the windows open, your nose may be assaulted by an unpleasant smell.  Upon inspection of your yard, you find the culprit . . . sewage.  While sewage in yard may not be the worst thing that could happen in your life, it certainly isn’t the most pleasant, either.

There are a number of issues that occur as a result of sewage in yard.  The first one, of course is the bad smell that permeates your property.  While this is distasteful, it is not the most serious problem caused by the situation.  The more serious issue that is caused by sewage in yard is the fact that the actual sewage is out of containment.  When you have sewage in your yard, it creates a major health issue due to the fact that raw sewage is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria that can make any who come in contact with it sick.  In addition, the raw sewage will allow contaminants to leach into the ground, contaminating groundwater.  These two possibilities should be reason enough to figure out how to get rid of it as soon as possible, and keep it from returning.

If you have discovered sewage in yard, there are few steps you need to take immediately in order to lessen the risks to your health and property.  These steps include:

  • Closing off the area to children, pets and other family members
  • Identifying the cause of the overflow
  • Calling your local health department
  • Reducing the amount of water you use until the issue is taken care of
  • Contacting us at Marion Pumper

When you contact us, we can come and assess your situation, find the root of the problem, clean up the area and repair your septic system in such a way that you will be able to avoid a repeat performance in the future.  Let us help you to get rid of unwanted sewage in yard today.