Septic Products: Do You Need to Use Septic Additives?

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Septic ProductsIf you use a septic system on your property, you’ve probably heard all about the septic products that are out there that promise they can help you keep your septic system up and running at all times. Some of the most heavily advertised septic products we hear about at Marion Pumper are septic additives. Before you buy this type of septic product and start using it, make sure you understand how additives work and if they can do your septic system any good.

What Do Septic Additives Do? 

Whenever you flush your toilet, turn on a sink, or run your washing machine, wastewater leaves your home and collects in your septic tank. Here, natural bacteria in the waste turn most of the solid material into either a liquid or a gas. Heavy solids that can’t be broken down naturally eventually settle at the bottom of the tank, and lighter substances, such as oil, float to the top. After this occurs, the layer left in the middle, or the effluent, eventually flows out to the drain field.

Septic tank additives are often marketed to break up the grease and oil that builds up in septic tanks. This way, you don’t have to have your septic tank pumped out as often. 

Do Septic Additives Work? 

When it comes to septic products, many septic additives can be highly corrosive and cause your septic tank to incur structural damage. Additionally, in some cases, exposing the groundwater and the soil in your drain field to these harsh chemicals isn’t so great for the environment.

Before using any type of additive in your septic system, make sure you contact us. We’ll help you understand if using an additive is the right way to go, and if you should simply rely on traditional maintenance practices instead.