Septic tank maintenance is a crucial step in your septic system care

Your septic tank is often a silent partner in your household. While it takes care of your wastewater, you can generally ignore it as long as you only put necessary items down the drain, avoid bleaching products, and don’t drive on the drain field! However, while these simple things help to care for your septic system, your septic tank still needs regular care from a septic professional like ours at Marion Pumper. If you are having difficulties squeezing in the time for septic tank maintenance, we have come up with a few ways to help.

First, you can try making your next septic tank maintenance appointment when your current one is happening. That way, you’ll always have a future appointment on the books and you don’t have to worry about trying to cram one into your schedule when you do remember it is septic tank maintenance time again!

Second, you can set a specific date or time that is for septic tank maintenance. For example, if you know that March is usually a slow month for you, you can always make your appointment for the first Friday in March. If you’d like, you can also coordinate with a less-busy holiday so that you remember your septic tank pumping occurring after said holiday.

Third, you can set reminders on an online calendar and have them give you a message 3-6 months in advance of your septic tank maintenance date.

Septic tank maintenance is a crucial step in your septic system care. How do you remind yourself that it is time for these important appointments?