How to Baby Your New Drain Field

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So you’ve got yourself a new addition! Just like any new addition to the family, a septic system could use a little extra care during the first few years while you get used to each other, and you learn more about what makes your septic system tick! One of the most crucial parts of your septic system is the drain field, and it needs a little more protection than other portions of your septic system since it is more delicate and the last line of defense between your septic system and the groundwater.

Drain Field

In order to best care for your drain field, the truth is that you can’t just set it and forget about it. Your drain field doesn’t necessarily need more attention than other parts of the septic system, but it does need a little more protection than the other parts of the system. The drain field is a system of pipes that are buried underground, so the only thing protecting these pipes from the elements above is you, the homeowner! You must never drive over your drain field or allow others to do so, since it could crush the underlying pipes. You must also avoid building outbuildings or driveways over your drain field. Do you have a lot of trees in the area? Don’t allow them to grow or seed over your drain field and never plant trees there. Tree roots can grow through concrete and can quickly decimate the pipes of your drain field.

If you have any other questions about caring for your drain field, be sure to call us at Marion Pumper for assistance!