Grease Trap Services aren’t Just for Restaurants

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It is a common misconception that grease trap services are just for restaurants. While it is true that it would be difficult to manage a restaurant without them to handle the oil, grease, and fat that goes into crafting your family favorites, the reality is that there are other places where they can be necessary.

Grease Trap Services in Belleview, Florida

There as been a significant rise in other businesses offering ready-made meals. Many have noticed that not only is fast food not the healthiest option out there and people are beginning to take that more seriously, but that it is far from as fast and convenient as it once was as well. As a result, you can get a meal for your family at a variety of other places besides restaurants, including convenience stores, supermarkets, boutique food shops, butchers, and more. Even if the bulk of items offered aren’t deep fried, there is still a fair amount of oils, fats, and grease involved.

One more place that might surprise you is your home. If you’ve pretty much given up on getting a quick, tasty, and affordable meal elsewhere and have turned to making the majority of meals at home, you may want to consider grease trap services. Most meals involve shortening, oil or butter, so it stands to reason there is the potential for these substances going down the drain. It is particularly problematic if you are on a septic system where you could face quite a bit of repairs and costs because of grease, oils, and fat in the system. Grease traps used in residential properties are often referred to as grease interceptors.

If you have questions about whether grease traps are needed for your business or home, don’t hesitate to contact us at Marion Pumper. We offer a variety of grease trap services, including cleaning, pumping, installation, and repair.