Consider Septic Services Before Rainy Season

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there are septic services you should get done beforehand

If you live in Florida, you know that nobody else in the country can even fathom what a torrential rain is like here unless they take a vacation here during rainy season. They talk about not being able to see a foot in front of the car in a blizzard but driving in the rain here has the same effect. Something that even Floridians often forget about rainy season is the effect it can have on septic systems and why septic services are so important leading into this time of year.

Your septic system functions by gravity moving waste and wastewater to the septic tank where the effluent stays at the top and the solids sink to the bottom. The effluent then flows to the drain field where it is effectively filtered before being dispersed into the surrounding ground. Heavy rain can disrupt this perfect system because the ground becomes too saturated to handle the effluent, resulting in backflows to the tank or accumulation without being filtered that contaminates the soil and ground water.

While you cannot do much about the weather, there are septic services you should get done beforehand and things you can do to give added support to the system. Regular septic pumping keeps your septic system in good shape, so it is better able to handle excessive rainfall. If the tank is full of solids, there is very little room left for the effluent. You can support your septic system by conserving water as much as possible, paying attention to what you put down the drain and toilets, and keeping vehicles off the drain field so the soil does not become compacted.

If it has been a while since you’ve called us at Marion Pumper for septic services and rainy season is coming up, we recommend taking care of that as soon as possible. In addition, if you start to notice a problem, such as gurgling pipes, odors, or slow drains, don’t wait – call right away rather than wait for the next torrential rainstorm.