Discuss with your drain field installation contractor the size of your family now

Whether you are planning the layout of your drain field for the first time, or replacing the one you currently have, there are a few things you need to consider before drain field installation. Be sure to discuss your plans with your contractor and ask for their feedback as well.

  • Location, Location, Location– Remember when you bought your home? The location of the property probably played a large role in the overall decision of where to purchase. Similarly, the location of your drain field will matter. If you plan to change the landscaping at your home, plant new trees or extend a deck, be sure to take these items into account when planning your drain field so that you don’t have to relocate it at a later date. Where you place the drain field will also be largely dictated by code regulations so be sure you are up to date and know the rules.
  • Size Matters– How big does your drain field really need to be? Code regulations may dictate this to a certain degree, but you will need to take into account a number of factors. Discuss with your drain field installation contractor the size of your family now, and if you plan on any additions in the future. If you are a small family that plans on expanding in the future, you may consider going with a larger septic system to better accommodate your future needs.
  • Soil Filtration– To ensure proper drainage from your septic system, discuss the quality of soil needed to filter the water flowing through it. This is an important factor so that you don’t end up with wastewater pooling above ground instead of flowing through your drain field.

At Marion Pumper, our primary goal is making sure that your septic system and all of its components work like they should at all times. Whether you are concerned about drain fields, are in need of maintenance or another septic service, rest easy knowing our team will provide the best service around. Call us today for all your septic system needs!